Cute Ties For Men

Tying a tie and doing it perfectly could be daunting for men at times. You also need to pay attention to its colors and patterns to avoid looking like a Christmas lantern when you have to include them in your outfit. Since there are several varieties of ties in the market, starting with the very simple techniques and styles are the smartest way for you to learn the proper etiquette of wearing them.

There are things you need to consider when picking the right tie for you. Here are some ideas on how to achieve it effortlessly.

Size Matters

Base on the lapel of the jacket, select the right collar and the proper width of the tie. To do this, the tie width should almost look the same as the lapel, averaging to 2 ½ inches. If you have a large body built, you can wear a slim lapel but ensure the suit fits you well. Wearing skinny ties for a bigger body is not suitable while slim men should avoid wearing extra wide ties since this will not make them look bigger.

When it comes to height, this is also an important factor to wear tie perfectly. If you are short, opt for the width of medium to narrow tie and lapel.


Another important thing to be considered is the fabric. This matches the mood of the tie and the shirt. Avoid wearing a shiny and silky tie over the chambray shirt. Instead, opt for silk knit or plain silk above this shirt. Remember the rule, casual are the best match for modern and casual shirts.

If you would like to wear linen and cotton ties, they are best paired with cotton shirts most especially during hot season. For the winter season, it is recommended to wear cashmere and wool knit ties as this will make you look polished. You can also wear silk or microfiber ties for special events held at any season. Black silk ties are best worn during court dates, funerals, and weddings.

Colors and Patterns

Wearing a solid colored tie is the safest choice for men who are unsure of matching the tie to their outfit. One example is wearing a cherry red tie on top of your black dress shirt. To achieve a classic look, the pattern of your tie is dominant than the color of your shirt. This means a green shirt is best paired with a green plaid tie.

It is also recommended to pair complementary colors together like soft yellow tie over a blue shirt. If you have to mix the patterns, you need to pair stronger patterns in your shirt or suit with a weaker pattern of your tie. Therefore, shirts with polka dots and thin stripes should be paired with large patterned ties.

For a sophisticated look, you can opt for understated patterns. If you aim for a casual theme, wear larger prints instead. If you would like to experiment tie and shirt patterns to learn the basics, you just need to remember these effective tips we shared to you.


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